• Walk your own road!

    There are do'ers and don'ters
    and I wills and won'ters
    and them, that don't even try
    Givers and takers, movers and shakers
    And them that are just passing by

    Skidrows and winos and some folks that I know
    That don't do like I think they should
    I thought they were livin' their lifes all wrong
    Long, before I understood

    We all have to walk our own road
    We can't always go where we're told
    In the end where it'll end up – who  knows
    But we all have to walk our own road

    I've had some good times and I've had a good life
    And I've had things going my way
    I've walked the highground and treasures that I've found
    And women who brightened my day

    Then there were times I was caught in the crosswinds
    With life - going around and around
    Like a ship with no sail I was caught in a gale
    untill I finally just ran out

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